CR Mountain Ranch
Address: 699 Gypsy Camp Hollow Rd Tyrone, Pa, 16686
Email Address:
Phone: 814-280-2245
About Us
Our Ranch is located on 20 acres in Blair County, Tyrone. We allow our hens to free range without any boundaries. They are able to search for their own food and we only supplement there ranging with natural crumbles. We raise our own pullets. Our egg layers consist of Sex Link, Araucana, Ameraucana. These produce Brown,blue,pinkish,beige and green eggs. The ranch has attended several events in the area.
No antibiotics, Free Range hens. We provide our hens with quality pasture. Reseeding every spring allows, the grasses to keep growing and providing a variety of food, for them to forage. We only have egg laying chickens and this helps to keep them healthy and happy. graded AA. Pennsylvania plant license . All inspections are current. All the plants are propagated at the farm.