Bee Tree Berry Farm
Contact: Mark/Laura MacDonald
Address: 494 Benner Rd Bellefonte, Pa, 16823
Email Address:
Phone: 814-383-2134
About Us
We offer fresh picked and u-pick strawberries, blueberries, red and black raspberries, blackberries and elderberries on our 20 acre farm in Bellefonte. We also offer seasonal vegetables, eggs and cut flowers. Now in our fourth year, we have been learning our craft through a few trial years primarily focusing on how to properly manage our growth so we can offer multiple fruits throughout the season.
While not certified, we do use organic products and practices focusing on soil health and ecologically sound management of pests and diseases. Our wildlife corridors offer refuge for native pollinators and beneficials as well as giving the rabbits, groundhogs and deer a place of refuge away from our crops.