Egg Hill Gardens
Contact: Betsy Green
Address: 395 Upper Georges Valley Road Spring Mills, PA, 16875
Email Address:
Phone: 814-777-7657
About Us
Egg Hill Gardens is located 4 1/2 miles West of Spring Mills on Upper Georges Valley Road; nestled at the foot of Egg Hill (thus the name).
For the most part I am a one woman operation, growing all of my produce, herbs & flowers by natural methods. My garden consists of a 1/2 acre plus two hoop houses.
Although I am not 'certified organic' I absolutely do not use any pesticides and all products grown are fertilized organically using compost and biologically-sound fertilizers from Fertrell. For the last five years I have been planting by the Bio-dynamic calendar. (Bio-dynamic is a holistic system of agriculture that is designed to harness the forces of the sun, moon, planets & stars.)