Rising Spring Meat Co.
Contact: Jay and Laura Young, Mike and Virginia Byers
Address: 119 Cooper St. Spring Mills, PA, 16875
Email Address:
Phone: 814-359-6845
About Us
Rising Spring Meat Company (RSMC) is a small-scale animal slaughter and meat processing facility providing custom, USDA and Certified Organic services to local and regional farmers in Central PA. RSMC also provides connections with various meat purveyors to help farmers find a market for their meat. We work in conjunction with other companies (e.g., Happy Valley Meat Co.) to market meat to restaurants and other customers.

RSMC, in conjunction with Happy Valley Meat Co., works with a set group of farms/farmers in Centre and adjacent counties in Pennsylvania to supply meat to customers through the Friends & Farmers Online Market. Various farming practices are utilized at the farms ranging from grain fed to grass fed to certified organic. Each farmer is vetted through visits, conversations and an assurance on the part of the farmer about their raising practices to ensure a quality meat product for the customer. If animals were raised via a specific certification, those claims will be listed in the product ID/Name. No mention of a practice indicates non-specific practices. All meat is packed in cryo-vac packaging. Specific questions about the farms can be directed to Jay Young at 814 359 6845.