Windswept Farm
Contact: Erik Hagan
Address: 1004 Fillmore Rd State College, PA, 16803
Email Address:
Phone: 303-408-2442
About Us
Set along Buffalo Run with a full view of Bald Eagle Mountain, Windswept Farm seeks to provide the greater Centre region community with fresh, wholesome and delicious produce, eggs and lamb. Employing regenerative agricultural techniques that rely on soil health rather than chemical inputs, we use only organically approved materials and methods for the production of our produce and livestock. Our highly dynamic and integrated farm is working daily to create a dynamic living ecosystem, providing food and experiences not just for the human community but preserving land, forests, fields and biodiversity for wildlife of all sorts. Windswept Farm is also home to the ReFarm Cafe project, a unique and truly authentic farm driven cuisine dining experience set to open summer 2018. Check out our status at