Hidden Branch Farm
Contact: Corey Sweeley
Address: PO Box 133 Millheim , PA, 16854
Email Address:
Phone: 814-404-5545
About Us
Hidden Branch Farm is a highly diversified, first generation farm. We currently farm 4 acres in Millheim PA. Makayla and I are both in our early twenties and are thrilled to be part of a new generation of agriculture. With my 8 seasons of experience at Patchwork Farm using organic, sustainable agriculture, we are ready to produce quality fruits and vegetables for our community.
Although we are not certified organic, we are in the three year process of becoming certified. We use sustainable methods which include cover crops, crop rotation, composting, integrated pest management, and grass buffer strips.

Our Mission is to provide our community with fresh high quality produce at a fair price, all while using sustainable agriculture methods that build our soil health.