McBurney Manor Hearth Baked Breads
Contact: Nancy Yoder
Address: 13206 Greenwood Road Huntingdon, PA, 16652
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Phone: 814-667-3622
About Us

My husband, Jay and I have lived in Stone Valley over 35 years.
We moved to our current home, which we named McBurney Manor 10 years ago with dreams of using our new purchase as an adventure to new career avenues in their lives.
The house and property were in dire need of restoration and we have been focusing and working on projects since day one. First priority was the upstairs rooms were upgraded and decorated and the upstairs bath was remodeled to begin using the house as a bed and breakfast. We will be starting our seventh season.
When we first moved in we opened our house to Weekend Open Houses once a month. Using our kitchen to sell baked goods and the rest of our downstairs to display artisan articles. It was a fun way of letting the community see our house and get to know friends in our area. There was a young man by the name of Kevin Cook who brought bread to sell to my open house. He baked it in a clay oven that he built in his back yard. As we got to know Kevin he sparked an interest in our old oven. After a lot of thought we decided to go ahead with the project of renovating part of the bake house and having a new oven built. Kevin baked and sold bread for two years in that time I quit my position as an Orthodontic Assistant to focus on our property and was taught by Kevin to bake Artisan Breads. Lisa Hershey also baked Sour Dough Bread for two seasons in our oven and sold to the Farmers Market in Huntingdon while staying with us at McBurney Manor. Jay and I now bake together after Jay gets home from working at Spectra Wood. I never imagined being a bread baker, but I really enjoy it and all of the kind customers that support us.--Nancy

McBurney Manor is Located on the corner of McAlevys Fort in the neighboring valley of Stone Valley. A scenic 20 minute drive from State College.

We bake twice a week in the rebult