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Hello!! I am an independent craftperson working with locally sourced beeswax from hives in Spring Mills and Julian. I started making candles and other crafts a few years ago for friends and relatives who really enjoyed them and was encouraged to make them available to others! The natural honey scent beeswax candles give off is calming and pure and unmatched by any artificial scents or paraffin candles. It was important to me to seek out a supplier for organic cotton braided wicks to ensure a clean, even burn free from chemicals. It was also important to me to use recycled materials for the gift boxes and packaging free of fossil fuels. The excelsior that cushions the candles in the boxes makes use of wood that would otherwise go to waste. The boxes are 100% post consumer recycled kraft cardboard. I created the luminaries for folks who would like to use beeswax in their home but do not want to have an open flame. The luminaries can also be used as small bowls to hold knick knacks, sewing supplies, etc. The pine cone votives burn anywhere from 2-3 hours and the beehive votives burn anywhere from 3-5 hours. The LED lights that come with your luminary have 100 hour batteries. Please use common sense caution when burning candles. If you would like something you don't see here please contact me, I'll bee happy to see what I can do for you!

Beeswax food wrap is a sustainable and reusable product that helps keep your farmer's market finds fresh! A plastic wrap alternative, organic cotton fabric is "painted" with local beeswax creating a pliable sheet that can be used to cover bowls, wrap greens, cheese, snacks or folded into a sandwich pouch.

I tend to a flock of jacob sheep on a farm in belleville, pa. The sheep are free to roam their pasture and hillside and are kept as pets. Each spring they are shorn for their comfort and I use the wool to felt products for the home, or spin it into yarn. When looking for packaging for the dryer balls it was important to me to find a company that uses organic cotton and where people are paid a fair wage for their work. The dryer balls come packaged in fair trade, organic cotton/muslin blend bags.
The wax used at BeeLine Naturals is locally sourced and very "raw" (sometimes I discover a river of honey in the middle of a block of wax!) It is then heated and filtered to remove as many non-wax bits as possible. Occasionally you may find dark spots or flecks in your candles- this is caramelized honey and does not affect the burn. The melted wax is then poured into molds or dipped to make luminaries.

Wool fleeces are collected from the sheep each spring. This does not harm them in any way. Once shorn the fleeces are "skirted" where I remove any pieces of wool that are too dirty or damaged by plant matter (burdock is a nightmare) before washing to remove the lanolin. Fleeces are washed in hot water and gentle Dawn, then rinsed several times to further remove any dust and plant matter. Once dry the fleece is combed and carded and can then be used to felt products or for spinning.

It is important to me to reduce our dependence on plastic, and packaging material has gotten out of control lately. Iike to use recycled paper and cardboard for packaging and soy based inks.

A portion of all proceeds go to charities: The Honey Bee Conservancy, working to sustain and replace native pollinators throughout the U.S., A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue, and The Hundred Cat Foundation.