Hostetler's Naturals
Contact: Moses Hostetler
Address: 260 Stage Road Milroy, PA, 17063
Email Address:
Phone: 314-484-4384
About Us
We are a small Amish farm that switched to organic farming practices after our first daughter was born with health issues. We discovered she had severe allergic reactions to certain foods that were related to soil health and modern farming practices. Since switching to organic farming we have realized that there are many other people with similar dietary problems and in need of organic produce.
50 acre farm in Milroy, PA
We expect to expand the variety of grains and produce we offer over the next year but currently have the following available: Garlic , Onion, Carrots, Kale, Arugula, Butternut Squash, Spelt Farro, Spelt Flour, and Puffed Spelt Cereal.
Practicing Organic farming for the past 6 years, recently certified.