Standing Stone Coffee Company
Contact: Greg & Jessie Anderson
Address: 1229 Mifflin Street Huntingdon, PA, 16652
Email Address:
Phone: 814-643-4545
About Us
Located in Huntingdon, PA, we are a coffee roastery and cafe offering a unique combination of quality, creativity, and community care to our guests and clients.
As members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) it is our priority to bring you only the best. Each coffee is small-batch craft roasted to bring out each of our coffee’s unique flavor profiles. Small-batch roasting ensures freshness, roasting only what is needed each week for our guests and clients.

A number of our coffees that we receive have a variety of certifications, including fair-trade, organic, rainforest alliance and Utz Kapeh. However, we do not limit our purchasing to farms that can afford those certifications. When choosing locations, we seek out quality, environmental stewardship, good labor practice and long-term relationships.