Contact: Blue Marble Space
Address: 13187 Liberty Drive Hesston, PA, 16647
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Phone: 814-502-0849
About Us
Our 1,100 sq ft indoor growhouse is located in Hesston PA. We grow microgreens, herbs, edible flowers and baby greens all year around using all organic non-GMO seeds, soil, and nutrients under LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures.

We are a permaculture center that provides Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware with nutritious and ethically grown produce. Guided by the latest research in sustainable farming, Greenspace is committed to the health of our planet, our families, and our customers.

We operate as a non-profit organization and use all proceeds to enable research and education in sustainable development, Earth system science, and space exploration.

GreenSpace is an initiative of Blue Marble Space, a registered 501(c)(3) public charity.
Our “code of ethics” represents our effort to articulate the practical principles that guide our permaculture and business toward a better and more sustainable future.

We strive to consume more waste than we generate.
We strive to extend the useful life cycle of non-durable goods.
We strive to understand the chemical and nutritional composition of our products.
We strive to manage our water as a precious resource.
We strive to increase the contribution of renewable energy sources to the electric power grid.
We strive to optimize our activities to honor the people and systems that compose our community, nation, and planet.