Over the Moon Farm
Contact: Lyn Garling
Address: 190 View Drive Rebersburg, , 16872
Email Address:
Phone: 814-349-2697
About Us
Over the Moon Farm is a 26 acre grass-based operation owned and operated by Lyn Garling and Patty Neiner. We raise organic hay and pasture-based chickens, turkeys and pigs. All meats are currently sold directly to our customers at farmers' markets. We also have a small "farm-stay" rental cottage and large "events barn" with a certified kitchen for people to hold their festive events from mid-May - early October.
Our land is certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic. Our animals are not certified but are fed "natural" non-GMO feed - meaning only non-GMO grains (corn, soybean, oats/barley, vitamins and minerals) with no antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals or other "non-food" additives. Chickens and turkeys are acquired as day-old "peeps" and raised in batches of 100-200 in May-November. Birds have free access to shelter and/or the outdoor pastures - as they choose, night and day. Pigs are purchased from local farms as "feeder pigs" and raised out on pasture during spring, summer and fall. Occasionally (if needed) we use a commercial wormer to rid them of any intestinal parasites. Winter pigs are generally raised indoors on "deep bedded pack" (large piles of sawdust and straw to keep them clean, dry and warm) and fed hay for forage along with their grains. We are extremely attentive to the needs and comfort of our animals and keep them as stress-free as possible. Animals are all transported by us directly to local butchers with whom we have long-term relationships and can communicate about animal handling and other issues as they may arise. Once a year we participate in a Centre Co. farm tour so people have the opportunity to come see our operation for themselves and ask questions. Visitors can come on other days by contacting us directly.