Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, LLC
Contact: David & Terry Rice
Address: 5161 Clover Creek Road Williamsburg, PA, 16693
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Phone: 814-832-3755
About Us
Clover Creek Cheese Cellar was conceived long ago in the minds of the founders and finally launched in the summer of 2005. We use quality raw milk from Ojala Farm to produce a selection of healthy, delicious cheeses. We sell the cheese through a variety of venues, including farmerĀ“s markets, health food stores, festivals and shows, and directly from the farm. The same raw milk used for producing the cheese is also available for purchase. We also sell pasture-raised beef.
Our 126-acre family-owned dairy farm in beautiful MorrisonĀ“s Cove, Blair County is pasture-based, which means that the cows are outside in the fresh air, eating grass and other fresh plants all summer; in the winter they eat dry hay. The cows are moved to fresh pasture at least two times a day, sometimes more. We plan for all of our cows to have their calves and start milking in March or April so that there is plenty of grass for them to eat when they need the most energy. Our calves are raised in open pens with other calves their age until they are old enough to eat grass. At that point they are moved outside to the pasture and fed the whey from cheese making.

Our cheese is not another push button cheese. We fill each vat slowly, using a stainless steel pipeline direct from the milking area as we milk our cows. Cultures are then carefully added and the milk is gently stirred by hand, not beaten by stainless steel paddles. After the right amount of time, we add rennet after the age-old tradition of making great farmstead cheese. After coagulation, the curds are quickly cut, allowed to rest and heal, and then gently stirred by hand. The curds are eventually packed into molds and pressed by hanging weights for the allotted time. Cheeses are then aged in one of our climate-controlled cellars, on locally grown sugar maple shelving. Instead of suffocating them in plastic, they grow a natural rind that gives additional character and flavor to the cheese. We monitor the rind and mold growth, scrubbing rinds as needed. We wash some of our cheeses with different solutions to enhance the flavor. Each cheese is hand turned to make sure even development of flavor throughout the wheel. At just the right time, we cut up the cheese, vacuum-pack them, and sell them to discriminating customers. Welcome to the taste and quality of true farmstead artisan cheese! We hope you enjoy our cheese as much as we enjoy making it!