Tait Farm
Address: 179 Tait Road Centre Hall, PA, 16828
Email Address:
Phone: 814-466-2386
About Us
Tait Farm is a diversified family farm in central Pennsylvania. We are located 7 miles east of State College and Penn State University. Tait Farm Foods includes 10 acres of certified organic vegetables, fruits and greenhouse production that serves a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program known as Community Harvest. Additionally, our CSA serves several local restaurants, and our on-farm retail store the Harvest Shop.
We are PCO Certified Organic and practice the following methods: Low Tillage, Onsite Composting, Integrated Pest Management, Crop Rotation, Cover Cropping, and Native Plant and Pollinator Restoration.

Our mission is to build healthy soil, biodiversity, and community through sustainable and organic farming practices that provide the local community with delicious, farm fresh produce.