Trifolia Natural Products and Botanicals
Contact: Yasoda Joy Mensah
Address: 124 Fisher Lane Port Royal, PA, 17082
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Phone: 717-527-4388
About Us
Three Leaf Farmden, (bigger than a garden, smaller than a farm) is a small family owned holding, collaborating with local Certified Organic and Certified Naturally Grown, farmers to use surplus fruits and vegetables to produce self-stable products like jams, chutneys, pro-biotics and other yummy good for you items. Three Leaf Farmden is the home base for Trifolia Natural Products and Botanicals, whose vision is to provide affordable quality natural home and body care items and a plant based apothecary catering to the needs of people near and far.
Strictly organic sustainable practices, the Farmden is Certified Naturally Grown and uses mindfulness in the pursuit of conscious Eco-friendly farming techniques.